Cada cosa en su lugar (HTML y CSS)

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Acabo de leer Beginners guide to CSS and standards un artículo de Emil Stenstroköm en su sitio web Friendly bit. Está muy bueno y se lee en 10 minutos, un pantallazo sobre buenas prácticas de diseño para la web.

Cito algunas partes:

¿Qué es CSS?

CSS is a language that adds style (colors, images, borders, margins…) to your site. It’s really that simple. CSS is not used to put any content on your site, it’s just there to take the content you have and make it pretty.

La idea detrás de CSS

One of the least followed parts of CSS is the very idea behind it, the idea of separation of content and design. The idea here is that all sites contain two major parts, the content: all your articles, text and photos and the design: rounded corners, colors and effects. Usually those two are made in different parts of a webpage’s lifetime. The design is determined at the beginning and then you start filling it with content and keep the design fixed. So if you just want to add content to your site you don’t want to be forced to mess around with the design, would you? The same thing is true the other way around, if you decide on a redesign, why should you have mess around with the content, making sure it fits in the new layout?

Una forma diferente de pensar

This is probably a different way of thinking about HTML than you’re used to but trust me, when you’ve worked with it for a while you’ll see the power of it.

Leiste todas las citas? Si llegasta hasta aca.. que esperás para leer el artículo entero?


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